Debian Down – Use Mint.Eskimo.Com Instead

Debian.Eskimo.COM is going to be down for a while.  I broke something badly during the install that has caused NIS authentication not to work, am restoring from a backup, and then will be continuing with the install.

In the meantime, please use Mint.Eskimo.COM, it is derived from Ubuntu which in turn derived from Debian and has almost identical applications.  Pine isn’t on there yet but alpine is present and functions almost identical to pine.

With Mint you can use Mate (which looks nearly identical to Gnome2 from which it was derived) or KDE desktops as well as LXDE and MCTEDo not use Gnome because it is Gnome3 or Unity, because these are not compatible with x2go.  Eventually I’ll get VNC configured, these desktops do work with VNC though they are painful. Revived

The old shell server is revived.  I’m pretty much out of spare parts now.  If anyone has a working Sun SS-10 they want to get rid of, or good parts for one, please let me know.

What appears to have happened is that three of four heat sink retainers broke and the heat sink separated from the CPU and it cooked.

New Server Mint.Eskimo.Com

If you feel like exploring another new server while is down, ‘’ is now online running the Mint 17 Linux distribution.

Please note that the only graphical interface presently supported for this machine is x2go.  If you come in with x2go please use the ‘Mate’ desktop.  The x2go platform does not support desktops which require accelerated graphics or compositing desktops.

New Shell Server – Centos 7

Those of you who have been contemplating Centos 7, we’ve just turned up a new shell server with Centos 7 and it is available for your use although there aren’t a lot of applications installed yet.

Presently the only way to access it graphically is with x2go, and then you must use either Mate or KDE desktop.  The Gnome is Gnome 3 and presently doesn’t work without accelerated graphics which remote desktop applications can not provide.  However, Mate is a continuation of Gnome 2 and works much as Gnome 2 worked under Centos 6 as used on shellx.

The server name is  Your same login, password, files, etc, will be present.

Maintenance Status

All machines are returned to service except and it should be back in about fifteen minutes.  All customer facing and non-replicated servers maintenance will be completed this morning so there will not be additional outages Sunday morning.