Sublime-Text Installed

     I’ve installed another new text editor, this, like atom, is a graphical editor featuring syntax highlighting and many other modern features.  It is called Sublime Text.

     Sublime Text is available on Centos6, Centos7, Debian, Fedora, Julinux, Mint, MxLinux, Scientific6, Scientific7, Ubuntu, and Zorin.

      It is available under Applications -> Programming -> Sublime Text under either Gnome or Mate desktops, not sure where it shows up under others.


     A new graphical text editor, very capable and configurable, called “atom“, has been installed on Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, MxLinux, Julinux, Zorin, Fedora, Centos7, and Scientific7.  Centos6 and Scientific Linux6 lack a library required so I can not install it on those servers, and there is no package available for Opensuse.

     This is a graphical text editor so in order to use it you will need to connect with X2go.  If you do not have x2go installed on your computer then you are missing out on about 95% of Eskimo’s functionality.  Please go and install a free client from

Saturday Early AM Maintenance

     Shortly after midnight Saturday morning, I will be rebooting all of the Intel Linux based servers for a kernel upgrade.  Between the actual reboots and checking to make sure NIS and NFS mounts properly re-establish after rebooting, this will probably take about two hours but no one service should be done for more than about ten minutes for this process.

     Then after this some servers I will be taking down to make backups.  This may take longer for some machines, up to about 45 minutes.



     I have installed RecordMyDesktop on,,,,,,,,,,, and

     On Debian based machines, it is available under the Applications -> Sound & Video menu in mate and gnome.  On Redhat based machine it is available only from the command line.

High Wind Advisory Tonight

     There is a high wind advisory which predicts wind gusts up to 60 MPH for Shoreline (where I am located).  This may cause outages of my telephone and / or Internet connection and thus ability to provide customer service but should not affect online services as the latter are co-located in a robust co-location building with UPS and diesel backup power and dual-fiber connection on two different routes to the Seattle SIX.

     If you call and get voice mail, please leave a message with your name, telephone number, user ID, nature of your call, and time frames when return calls are okay and I will return your call as soon as possible.

     If the matter is more urgent, please go online and under the support drop down menu choose “Tickets” and generate a ticket.  This will generate an e-mail which I can pick up via my tablet if power and / or Internet is out.