Fedora and Opensuse Broke

     Both Fedora and Opensuse broke after rebooting the host computers.  I can not find anything wrong yet.  Fedora will not initialize the network interface and opensuse is not getting authentication information properly.  I reverted to earlier copies of these machines but earlier copies also do not function.

     I am tired so I am going to leave these down for the night and if I can not figure out what is wrong tomorrow, I will do a fresh install.

Maintenance July 29th, 2016

     Tomorrow, assuming no emergencies, I will be installing a new physical server at the co-location facility and I will be rebooting two existing host machines in order to load the most recent kernels.

     This will result in an outage that will probably last around 15-20 minutes on Friday evening.  This will affect all services, DNS, mail, etc, but I where services are duplicated, DNS, incoming mail, etc, I will be doing one set at a time to avoid interruption of those services.

     Client services are not duplicated so there will be an unavoidable outage for this maintenance work.

Work Backed Up

     I am behind in pretty much everything including sending account expiration notices.

     In March I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  At the time the only symptom I had was mild burning in my feet but after they started treatment it turned in to frequent body-wide from the neck down burning hell.  Also allodynia where touch becomes pain.

     This varies in intensity quite a bit.  Some days pain is minimal and I am pretty functional, others it makes sleep impossible until it’s light out again.

     If you call in the morning and I am unavailable, this is likely why.  In that case please do leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can.

     I have made great progress in getting my blood glucose down.  I’ve gone from an A1C value of 13.5% to 8.4% in two months.  My doctor said this is quite possibly the fastest reduction he has ever seen.  So I’m making progress.  I am working towards getting it down to 6.7% or below at which point hopefully my nerves will begin to heal.  That is a very slow process as nerves grow about a millimeter per month.

     In the meantime I am working with doctors to better manage my neuropathy pain and improve my functionality and struggling to catch up with work.  So please be patient with me, I’m not ignoring you, just a bit overwhelmed with health issues.