Centos7 Down

     In the process of fixing boot problems with centos7, I broke bind, the name server.  It fails to start, but does not log any errors to give me a clue as to why.  Thus I am reverting to the older centos7 image that was a pain to boot but had a working name server.  Because the backup is compressed, it will take several hours to restore.

Centos7 Maintenance

     Centos7 will be down for approximately 1/2 hour to image.  I made some changes to fix issues with slow and unreliable boots.  I want to get this backed up in this state so that if recovery becomes necessary I don’t have to re-apply all the fixes.

SPF Policy Failures Affecting Incoming Mail

     I had a customer complain about being unable to receive e-mail from a particular site.  Upon examining the logs, I saw errors from our spf policy checker.  This is a perl script that looks up a domain and checks the spf records to be sure that the server attempting to deliver e-mail for that domain is a legitimate server for that domain.  It was failing even though the records looked legitimate and the server was in the allowed list.

     I Googled the error and found a note from the author saying it was caused by a change in systemd resolver but that he had fixed it in the spf script and the new fixed version was available from cpan.  I installed the version on span and so far the only spf rejections I’ve seen are legitimate so I believe this problem is fixed.

Web Server Maintenance Complete

     The web server maintenance has been completed.  I apologize for taking longer than anticipated.  The virtual disk was close to full and I had to resize it to make more space available for web applications and database data.

     I ran into some problems doing this.  Resizing the image went fine but the version of gparted shipped with Ubuntu 17.10 is broken and refused to resize a partition on a virtual disk.  I got around this by downloading from gparted’s site instead of using Ubuntu’s gparted but it took me a while to come to that fix.

     The partition is now resized to take advantage of the larger image and all is well.