Ethernet Wedges

Ubuntu Bionic Ethernet Hangs

     We are experiencing periodic Ethernet hangs on our machines since upgrading to kernel 4.15.0 which is part of Bionic 18.04 LTS.  I have filed a bug report with, Bug #1766377.

Social Networking Project

     I’m just writing to let those of you who have an interest in knowing what I’m up to next, know.  For quite some time I’ve wanted to put together some sort of social networking function.  Thus far I have not really found a platform that is workable.  Recently, I found out about a content  management system (CMS) geared towards exactly this sort of thing called “ELGG”.

     I’ve put together a new server with the latest and greatest everything and installed ELGG upon it.  If you would care to take a look,  I am also using this as an experimental server to try new things on so that I’m less inclined to break the main server.

     Right now it is very bare-bones, just have the very basic frame work installed, but you are all welcome to check it out and make suggestions.  If any of you might be interested in working on this with me let me know.

     To give you some idea of what I have in mind, I started Eskimo North as a BBS back in 1982, and we had a good strong community back then.  When we went to a Xenix platform in 1985, it was not nearly as user friendly and we lost a lot of non-technical folks then.  Ever since then I’ve been looking for ways to bring it’s user friendliness back up to that level.

     In my view, a good social networking platform could evolve out of the functionality we had way back then, a very good messaging system with e-mail, upload / download, chat, an games, add to that the ability to have video, pictures, sounds, and a way to relate people with common interest, friending, groups, etc.  Right now I’m still working on very basic infrastructure, being able to upload and view videos for example.  Aesthetics will come later.


     Corebird, a graphical twitter client with filtering capability, has been installed on Debian, Mint, MxLinux, Ubuntu, and Zorin.

     It is a graphical client so in order to take advantage you will need to connect with X2Go.  If you do not have X2Go free X2Go clients are available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS at  If you have Linux, many common flavors already have it in the distribution and you need only type:

     apt install x2goclient (for debian OSs)

     yum install x2goclient (for Redhat derived OSs)

     zypper install x2goclient (for OpenSuse)

Mail Restored

      The mail spool NFS server is restored.

     The ethernet controller was wedged.  The kernel was stuck in a loop, resetting it and timing out.  Reboot cleared it without a power cycle suggesting it is software rather than hardware related.  There were many patches to the kernel to address meltdown and spectre, and it is a relatively new kernel, 4.15.0.  There was also a kernel patch waiting to be applied.  I have not yet managed to get live kernel patches configured so a reboot was necessary.

MxLinux Maintenance Completed

     Maintenance has been completed on MxLinux, and I apologized but I accidentally powered Zorin down in the process, hit a wrong button.

     The power supply on the host that failed has been replaced.  The old power supply really wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t large enough and when the machine got busy enough it exceeded the capabilities of the supply and it shut down.  It has been replaced with a larger supply with sufficient capability.

Zorin Maintenance

      I have gotten all the X2go supported WIndows Managers working on Ubuntu and MxLinux, therefore I am convinced I should also be able to do so on Zorin.

     In pursuit of that goal I am presently deleting most graphical applications, particularly those gnome related, which will also affect Mate, so I can start with a clean slate as it were, a step that was necessary to get everything working on Ubuntu.

     As a consequence, for the next day or two most windowing environments and applications will be missing from Zorin until I complete this work.  Systems most like Zorin to use in the meantime or MxLinux and Ubuntu, both of which have all the currently supported X2Go Desktops working.