Virus Warning!

There is a new virus propagating that until just now, clam-av was unaware of, and as a result there may be copies in your INBOX.

If you have an e-mail with an attachment, DO NOT OPEN THE ZIP ATTACHMENT.

Two of three servers now have updated clam-AV database and will no longer accept this virus but I am having problems with a third server that is so choked with viruses I can’t get command line responses to update clam-AV.

This has caused outgoing mail to get stuck in queue, presently the two servers that are working are cleared and I am working on getting this one to update and clear itself.

Maintenance Outage 5/10/14 00:05-02:00

I will be rebooting and taking machines down for imaging tonight shortly after midnight.  I should be finished by approximately 2AM.

This is necessary to install kernel upgrades that fix a possible privilege escalation exploit in the kernel as well as to image the machines after adding fail2ban so that if a restoration is necessary at some point, that will get included in the restoration.

In short, these outages will enable us to make some improvements in site security as well as to backup some recently put in place.

Yahoo Accepting Mail

I have been able to confirm via the mail log, that today mail is going through to Yahoo, ATT/SBC Global, and Frontier.

Comcast is presently blocking for reasons unknown.  I’ve applied to their feedback program so I will receive e-mails of any spam they receive from us, and have submitted a response on their unblock form.

Yahoo Saga Continues…

Today, I received a bunch of bounces from applications for accounts on my Photo Gallery (CopperMine) from Yahoo addresses.

I deleted all of these that were still in queue and disabled account creation in CopperMine.

So this probably hasn’t helped our stance from Yahoo’s perspective, though it would be nice if they’d actually communicate.  It would also be helpful if they’d reject messages with the correct code, permanent rejections should use 5xx not 4xx as Yahoo is using.  Using the latter means people won’t find out there is a problem until a bounce happens perhaps weeks later, and it eats up a lot of mail resources unnecessarily on both ends.

Anyway, per their best practices pages, I’m working on getting DKIM and DMARC installed.  Not that either of these would have prevented a single spam since the spams were sent with hacked accounts, (and it’s not as if Yahoo hasn’t had their own problems with hacked accounts) and thus would have been signed as legitimate if these things had been in place, and really SPF, which is in place, serves the same purpose.

I tried e-mailing but just got referred to the same web page that doesn’t work.  Tried calling, just got referred to the same page that doesn’t work.

If anybody knows how to reach an actual human being at Yahoo that might actually care that they’re blocking legitimate e-mail, please let me know.

Frontier Also Uses Yahoo Mail and thus is Broken

Frontier has also contracted with Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo is refusing our mail for Frontier:

May 3 15:00:57 mail postfix/smtp[20420]: E17491994: to=<>,[]:25, delay=150175, delays=150143/0/32/0.01, dsn=4.7.1, status=deferred (host[] said: 421 4.7.1 [TS03] All messages from will be permanently deferred; Retrying will NOT succeed. See (in reply to MAIL FROM command))

That link redirects to:

Which provides the helpful information:

Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

We suggest you visit Help Central

… Help Central has not been the least bit helpful.  I would ask people to see this article:

We haven’t had any more problems with compromised accounts since the Thursday before Last, April 24th, yet Yahoo continues to block our e-mail, and since they are now providing e-mail for ATT/SBC Global and Frontier, this affects those providers as well.

I’d ask you folks, if you have a Yahoo, ATT/SBC Global, or Frontier account, please generate a support ticket and/or complaint there.  Please spread the word about Yahoo’s practices.  There has to be a better provider ATT/SBC Global and Frontier could contract with and actually get functional e-mail for their customers.

Mail – The way They do it, the way We do it…

We used to do e-mail filtering the way Yahoo does it, get a spam on an IP address, block that address, although even then we didn’t leave a block in more than a week after the issue had been addressed.

Presently, we are not on any public blacklists, but Yahoo, ATT/SBC Global, which I have been told contracts with Yahoo for e-mail services (and MX servers for ATT/SBC global do point to servers in Yahoo’s domain) are still blocking us.  We also have about half a dozen pieces of mail in queue that Comcast is refusing.  Other than that, save for some servers that are temporarily down, everything else is going through.

I have gone through the removal procedures with these companies and followed them to the letter.  You can all see what that’s worth.  They’re too big to careOr possibly it is their business strategy to try to disrupt e-mail from smaller providers in order to gain a perceived advantage, they’re too big to block.  Well, no doubt the spammers see it as an advantage.

Our customers motivated me to change and modernize the way we do spam filtering, and it has resulted in both a significant reduction in spam and a reduction in lost/blocked legitimate e-mail.

Now instead of blocking a server wholesale, the way Yahoo and Comcast do, we look at each e-mail and score it based on over 100 different checks.  Then if the score exceeds a user defined value (that’s right, YOU can decide the spam threshold), we put it in a spam folder instead of your INBOX so you can still review the mail if you wish.

The only time we reject mail outright is if it contains a virus, and then we send notice to the sending party detailing which virus so they can clean their machine, or if the sending server is misconfigured in a way that makes it appear to be a forgery or unidentifiable (inconsistent DNS, EHLO).

Of course, Yahoo has the advantage of being free.  It’s hard to compete with free, even when there is a huge difference in service quality.  And that folks, is becoming a real frustration in running this business.

So I ask you, if you can’t reach people because of Yahoo’s unreasonable spam filtering policies, then I challenge you to bring them here.  Here, you won’t have your mail arbitrarily blocked.  You will get human help with technical issues.  You won’t have your mail mined to direct advertising at you or for any other purposes.  You can connect securely via SSL, and we transmit your e-mail to other sites securely via SSL IF their servers support it.