I’ve installed Python version 3.4.3 on all of the shell servers as well as the mail servers (so it can be used in procmail recipes) and the web server (so that it can be used in cgi’s or via php for active web pages).

I installed it in /usr/local/bin so that it wouldn’t interfere with the 2.7.x versions needed by various system utilities.

The full path is: /usr/local/bin/python3


IMG_4817     Good to occasionally get some mail that isn’t a bill.  Would sure like to see more of it.  If there is something you folks would like added to Eskimo, please please please let me know!

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      Or call: +1 206 812-0051

Kernel Upgrades

     I have upgraded the kernels on Fedora, Centos7, Scientific7, Debian, Mint, and Ubuntu to the first stable (not a release candidate) 4.0 kernel.  At present this doesn’t confer a lot of benefits but once the user land tools are in place it will allow kernel upgrades without the need for a reboot.

     Do not open e-mail from  It is a forgery.  The website which appears to be on our site is also a forgery.  I do not know how this got past SPF checks but it did.  The link most likely contains a virus, do not open it.

Fedora Shell Server Up

     The Fedora 21 shell server,, is back online with a new slightly larger virtual disk.

     It will be rebooted later assuming I am successful at building a working 4.0 kernel.


     I am taking the Fedora shell server down for a short while to enlarge the virtual disk.  This should take about one half hour.  If you need relatively modern Redhat based servers, either centos7 or scientific7 should make a reasonable substitute while this upgrade is in progress.Fedora Penge

Usenet News

     I haven’t received any complaints about this but when I fired up Pan this afternoon it wasn’t working.  I checked our status with NewsGuy and our account there did not automatically renew on the 12th like it is supposed to.  They took payment manually and are restoring our service and looking into why automatic payment failed.  So for any of you who missed news but didn’t tell us it was down, it should be back shortly.Usenet News