New Server – ARRRRRrRRRRRrrrrggggghhHH!

I’m on my 4th MOTHERBOARD with the new server, this one I got running last night, it ran all night but crashed at 10:17AM, not the end of the world as I’d not completely dialed in the operating parameters yet, but I powered it down and back up to reboot since it was hung and a puff of smoke came out and that was that.  Some component failed in a spectacular manner.

I have since learned that the Gigabyte board did not boot because it needs a BIOS upgrade for this CPU, so I’m going to re-install it, install the BIOS upgrade and send this Assmoke back to Asrock for repair.

New Server Still Broke

     Replaced the Asus Prime X299 IIA board with an Gigabyte X299 Aorus Master, this board won’t even post.  Says bad memory, but I put in just two modules and no matter what two I tried it would not work, then I tried some Crucial memory I had on hand, it won’t post either, so there is something not right with the motherboard, and it was the last one they had in stock.  So I ordered an Asrock motherboard, maybe third time is a charm.  I ordered it two day delivery so should be here Saturday.  In the meantime, this server is going to remain out of service.

     This means Roundcube, Manjaro, Friendica, Hubzilla, Mastodon, and Yacy will be out of service until I get a functional motherboard.  To say this is frustrating is the understatement of the year.


     Since elm successfully compiled on Rocky8, I decided to try metamail.  It successfully compiled as well and is now installed and linked into elm.

     Also, this is a reminder that,,,, and will all be going down for probably around six hours tonight in order to replace the motherboard.

     The motherboard that is presently installed has two dead memory slots so a quarter of our system memory is not recognizable on that machine.