Mint Maintenance

     As is oh so typical of Mint, the last in place upgrade to Tara left the graphical environment non-functional, so I will be taking Mint down for a while to perform a fresh re-install from the Tara ISO.


NextCloud Up!

     NextCloud is up and running again, Web Apps -> Nextcloud

     – or –

     I was up all night until after 8am getting this to work, and in the process learned something important about innoDB, you can’t just copy the files like you can MyISAM which means I’m going to have to come up with a different method of backing up the database.  Fortunately, I learned it on our data not yours.

Youtube BBcode in Forums

     In Forums you can now post a youtube video by placing the URL inside of youtube BBCode like this:


     The video will appear in it’s place in your posting.  Also many other new improvements.  A better captcha seems to be stopping spam bots.  Would like someone to test and see if they can apply okay.

NextCloud New Plan

     I’ve got an alternative plan of attack.  Tonight I am going to take the web server down, bring it up under an old backed up images but disable mysql so old database will not be served or altered and new data lost.  Copy the mysql files for nextcloud out, then shut it down, bright up the new, and copy the mysql files for nextcloud in.  It is unfortunately slightly more interrupting than using the command to copy the files out of the old image would have been but I can not remember or find it.