Debian Maintenance

     The debian folks have kicked out a new version of stretch already, v9.01, and I’ve confirmed, by loading into a separate virtual machine, that the install disk iso does work this time.

     I am therefore taking offline for a while to upgrade it to stretch.

Debian In Service

     The live CD ISO image of Debian Stretch is broken, the Network install also failed, the in place upgrade failed, so I’ve reverted to debian Jessie until such time as they get their act together and fix their install media.  It’s incredible to me that an operating system would be released that is so broken it can’t be installed.


Debian Stretch

     I guess it’s a “stretch” to get it working.

     The in place upgrade failed.

     The live install CD fails.

     Now  I’m doing a net-install.  It’s going but very slowly and I may not finish tonight.  If it isn’t up please use or, both of which are debian derivatives, actually ubuntu is more up to date than debian.

Debian Maintenance

     As of 12:55AM June 20th, Debian is presently down for an upgrade from Jessie to Stretch.  As with previous debian releases, an in place upgrade failed horribly and so re-installation is necessary to upgrade.

Mail pop-3/imap Server

     There was an issue with the pop-3 and imap mail server today.  It stopped accepting connections for imap and ssh when I tested, some customers said it also stopped for smtp although it did not for me.

     Since it was not accepting connections via ssh, I was unable to get into the server while it was in a failed state to see what was wrong.  I had to force reset it and then nothing in the logs really offered a clue.



     I upgraded the owncloud server to version 10.0.2, for some reason the backend authentication is not working so unless you specifically create an account in owncloud, it will not recognize your username and password.  I am working on this.  If you do create an account, use the same username and password so that when I get the backend authentication that calls the system authentication method working again, it will match.

     Also many of the apps are gone or no longer supported in this version.  I am researching where to find current versions to replace them.

Maintenance June 15th and 22nd

     Isofusion, previously Isomedia, where we have our equipment co-located, will be performing network maintenance on the mornings of June 15th and June 22nd between 12AM – 4AM.  This will cause periods of high latency and packet loss during this maintenance window.

Mint is Temporarily Unavailable

     Mint is temporarily unavailable.  I was trying to fix an issue with identd which was causing delays connecting to any site that uses tcp_wrappers, and ended up firewalling myself off from the machine so that I can’t login to it except as root non-graphically.  It is quicker and easier for me to recover from a back up then to try to fix it with that interface.

Web Server Maintenance

     I will be taking the web server down for approximately 1/2 hour to image the machine in case future restoration is necessary.  It will be unavailable from 5:15AM until 5:45AM May 29th, 2017.