Ubuntu Upgrade in Progress

     The existing Ubuntu configuration has been imaged.

     I have started the upgrade process to upgrade from 16.04.1 LTS to 16.10.  I really don’t like non LTS releases BUT there are so many systemd script related bugs in 16.04.1 that they do not appear interested in fixing that release that I feel if 16.10 can work it’s worth a try.  If anything goes terribly wrong I have the image of the existing 16.04.1 LTS so we can always revert if necessary.

Ubuntu Maintenance

     I am taking ubuntu.eskimo.com to image the machine prior to initiating an upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS to Ubuntu 16.10.  I’ve had 16.10 running on a workstation long enough to feel comfortable upgrading.  The only issue I have had with the workstation was an antique nvidia card.

Maintenance Completed

     I ended up not getting to doing the web server backup until much later than I had intended.  I ran into some problems with the installation of PHP 7.0 that didn’t cause operational problems but did slow down the server somewhat as it attempted to load library extensions that were already compiled in.  This was the result of the machine having been upgraded from a previous version that did not have them compiled in but the upgrade did not automatically remove them from the configuration file.

     So server is now at the most recent version of everything in the long term support release (I am not upgrading to 16.10 at this time both because it does not seem to offer any significant operational enhancements, and because I have experimented with it on a non-critical machine and found it to be buggy still).

Incoming Mail and List Mail May Be Delayed

     One of our mail servers somehow corrupted it’s root file system in such a manner that it thinks it is out of free space even though it’s at 61%.  The fsck program does not fix whatever is wrong so I am restoring from a virtual machine image backup.

     There is quite a lot of mail stuck in spool which I hope to copy from the broken image to the backup image.

     If all goes smoothly no mail will be lost and only that stuck in spool will be delayed.  If that spool is not salvageable than it is possible for some incoming mail to be lost but I do not expect that to be the case.

NetBeans 8.2 Installed on All Shell Servers

     The NetBeans 8.2 Integrated Development Environment has been installed on all shell servers except the old “eskimo.com” SunOS machine.

     Most will have it as a graphical link on the Gnome or Mate desktop but it can also be found under Applications -> Programming on these machines.


Scientific Back Together

     Scientific Linux is back together better than ever.

     Now it boasts a 4.8 kernel in spite of being generally an antique, it also boasts having Java 8 and NetBeans 8.2 installed with all the packages.


Scientific Maintenance

     The Scientific Linux 6 shell server, “scientific“, currently does not have a functional desktop installed.  This is because software sub-systems from two different sources created conflicts that made updates uninstallable.

     To resolve this it was necessary to uninstall a great number of software packages, perform the upgrades, then re-install.  This is still in progress.

PHP Sessions

     I made a change to the web server today that causes PHP sessions to be stored in a tempfs file system in memory.  This should speed up applications that use sessions like WordPress and PHPBB and owncloud.