I am in the process of server upgrades.  Going from i7-2600 platforms to i7-6700k platforms with RAID 10 arrays for home directories and mail spool.

     The host operating system is being switched from Centos 6 to Ubuntu 15.04.  The primary motivation being RedHat is terrible with keeping things current, even with CentOS 7, and there are some substantial capabilities and performance improvements to be realized with modern software.

     Ubuntu also provides a means of upgrading major releases in place rather than requiring a full re-install as is the case with Centos and this will make it easier to stay current.

     Lastly, Ubuntu features a very good software installation / upgrade package (synaptic) while CentOS is going from bad to worse with their yum based package installer.  Given the direction Fedora has gone (dnf) I want to bail before that becomes part of CentOS.

     This will require some downtime of various hosts as they are moved from one machine to another but it should be minimal and will be done during low traffic hours.

Eskimo North News Subscriptions

     The old News section had a subscribe function so that you could automatically receive an e-mail of posts I posted.  When I restructured the website there was no way to carry that subscription list over because the Subscribe2 plugin has no export function.

     If you would like to automatically receive posts, enter your e-mail address on the right side bar and push the subscribe button.

Firefox Bug

     The latest Firefox introduced a bug where text fields on forms will sometimes not fill-in or only partially fill-in.  If you find webmail, WordPress, or other web applications not working properly here or elsewhere, please use another browser such as Chrome, Opera, or Safari, until such time as they get this corrected.

     If you haven’t upgraded Firefox yet and your version is working, I would recommend not upgrading until this issue is resolved.

Today’s Hours (Sunday 9/20/15)

     I’m going to be out between about 10:45 or so and about 1:30 to make a trip to Fry’s to scope out a new case, power supply, and possibly other components to put together a new server.

     I will be out from about 5:15pm until whenever the Seahawks game ends because I’m going to go over to my oldest son’s house to watch it (I have only Netflix here, no cable or satellite at present).

     So best time to reach me today will be between 1:30pm – 5:15pm or after the game ends in the evening.

Centos 7 Maintenance

     I will be taking Centos7 down for a while later this afternoon to grow the virtual disk to accommodate more application software.

     This could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending upon how ugly it gets.  Usually gparted does the right thing the first time but not always so sometimes it’s necessary to restore from backup and try again.


MySQL Upgrade

     I upgraded MySQL to version 5.6.26 today.  Hopefully it won’t break things but if it does please let me know, either use Support->Ticket or e-mail support@eskimo.com.

     I’m going to let it soak for a week or two and if nothing breaks, upgrade further to 5.7.x.  The upgrade was necessary to get some newer web applications running.

Ubuntu and Scientific7

     When I replaced our router recently, I missed two servers in transcribing firewall rules, scientific7 and ubuntu.  So if you have been unable to connect with either of these, this should be resolved now.

Opening Late Thursday – Poisoned Our Dog

     I accidentally poisoned our dog by feeding her a bran muffin with raisins, forgot the raisins where in there.  But my wife mentioned it (right after she ate it) and so we induced vomiting right away and took her to the emergency pet clinic.

     There we learned that the amount she ingested was about 1/10th the lowest amount ever known to cause a fatality and since most of that was vomited back her chances are very good.

     But because of this I won’t be getting to bed until 1AM and haven’t been feeling well and sleeping good under the best of circumstances.  So I will be in the office a little later than usual this Thursday morning.