I am here this evening

     As you may have noticed by my breaking things, I am here this evening.

     The folks who host the Bible study contracted the flu.  So if you need anything please feel free to call this evening.


Reboots – Friday Maintenance

    An update to libvirt caused a number of virtual machines to restart without warning.  My apologies for the interruptions.

     Since I know this is an issue now, I will be doing the remaining updates Friday evening between 10pm and midnight.  Reboots of mail servers and some of the lesser used shell servers will happen at that time.

Hours Wednesday Jan 13th Approx 10am-6pm

     My wife had tonight off so we went and saw Hateful 8.  The movie was a three hour movie so I didn’t get home until around 2AM, so I probably will be in around 10AM tomorrow.

     Then tomorrow evening I’m going to a Bible study after 6pm, so 10AM-6PM, and then maybe around 9PM will be the best times to reach me tomorrow.

     If I’m not in please feel free to leave voice mail, or use the ticket system (Support->Tickets) and I will return your call as soon as possible.

New Web Server

     I am working on setting up and configuring a new web server using Ubuntu 15.10 as the operating system rather than CentOS 6.7.

     The main reason for doing this is that php is messed up with some modules being the php community 5.6 distributions and others being the remi 5.6 distribution and attempting to fix it wrought major chaos.

     So the main incentive is to get a platform with a consistent install of php 5.6 so that ownCloud, WordPress, Forums, and other PHP applications will run without errors and be fully functional.

     Secondary incentives are to get a modern set of tools and a modern kernel.  The modern kernel will also be low latency preemptive so it will reduce latency in some operations.

     This new box is fighting me every step of the way.  I’ve been working on it all day and it’s just been one thing after another.

Save 10%

     For a limited time, or maybe indefinitely if this works…

     Get 10% off your next Eskimo North purchase by simply telling me about something that you need that we are not currently providing (in the context of Internet hosting services). This can be a new service or an enhancement to an existing service.

     Have you told a friend about Eskimo but they’ve stated that we lack something they need?  Tell us!

     To qualify for this discount, your suggestion must be something not previously suggested or already implemented here and must be related to Internet hosting in some way, something that we could actually provide.  If you ask for laundromat facilities, that’s not going to qualify.

    If you make a suggestion with the intent of taking advantage of this sale, be sure to tell me at the time you make the purchase.

Web Outage

     Tonights’ attempt to get the PHP installation consistent was a disaster.  When I got everything consistent with the remi distribution, anything that used object cache broke badly.  I somewhat expected this since precompiled code in the object cache would no longer be valid but clearing the cache wasn’t sufficient, it kept getting corrupted.

     I was unable to determine what was causing this behavior and so reverted the entire machine to a backup made on January 1st.  I also had to revert the database for the system WordPress, Forums, and ownCloud, to January 1st, but users databases remain current.  This is because when it corrupted object cache, it also corrupted the database for some of the WordPress installations in the system directory.

     I am not going to futz with php on this box anymore, too dangerous.  I’ve been wanting to move the web server off of CentOS 6 and onto Ubuntu 15.10 so I am just going to start building a new server and when I have it fully operational, will just replace the existing machine.

Web and FTP

     I’m going to be taking the web and ftp server down around 11pm-ish this evening for about half an hour for backup and to expand the file system.

Happy New Year!

     Have a Happy New Year!

     If your celebration involves intoxicants, please be responsible and don’t drive under the influence.

     May the coming year, 2016, be your best yet!