Mint 17.2 Applications

     The shell server was recently reloaded with Mint-Mate 17.2 to bring it up to date.  I am still in the process of loading applications and this will take a while to complete.

     If there are specific applications you use, please e-mail and I will expedite the loading of those applications.

     As always, if there are any applications that you would find useful not present on our servers, please make a request to

Fedora – New Applications

New Recently Installed Applications on Fedora.Eskimo.Com:

  • Scilab – Scientific Software Package for Numerical Computations
  • Enguage Digitizer – Convert an Image File Containing a Graph or Map into Numbers
  • DB Browser for SQLite – A Light GUI Editor for SQLite Databases
  • Database Browsers – View the Scheme and Data of Databases
  • Sqliteman – Administer and Develope Sqlite3 Databases
  • Fluid – Fast Light User Interface Designer, an interactive GUI designer for fltk.
  • Padre – Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment
  • eric6 – Integrated Development Environment for Python (software center says not installed but was installed via dnf)

New Router – Keyboard Lag

     The new router made it through the night which is more than the first one did.  I notice on this one when I make a configuration change and save, it is instant, where the previous one there would be a one-two second delay and occasional failures to save. I think the previous unit just had a bad drive.

     I could be curious to hear, especially from those who use the site interactively using either the X2Go interface or ssh, if it is subjectively any smoother for you.  My cable connection isn’t the best so it’s difficult to separate short cable lag which doesn’t last long enough to get a traceroute going.

Router Replacement

     I received the replacement router today.  I intend to install it this evening.  There will be a very brief interruption of perhaps up to a minute while I move the Ethernet cables over to the new router and it takes the router a few seconds to adjust the port parameters.

MySql Database Corruption

     The mysql database used for websites here got corrupted.  I had to stop it and do repairs on all tables to fix.  If you got a “Cannot connect to database.” message, this was the cause.  It is now fixed.

Friday Evening

     No major maintenance activity planned for this Friday evening August 21st.

     We are still waiting on the arrive of a replacement router to replace the unit that lasted only five hours after replacing our old router which is presently back in service.

     It has been in service for 20 years now but it does not support anything faster than 100-base-T half duplex and can’t even fully saturate that.

New Router In Place

     Our new router is in place but the port speed is at the old speed until Isomedia switches their end to match.  I expect this will happen sometime later today.

     It went relatively smoothly.  I had some problem getting NAT to work but that was operator error not machine malfunction.

     I will undoubtedly be doing some fine tuning.  But this should take care of the occasional character echo lag and greatly improve connectivity.