Investigating New Location for User Meetings

     I am investigating a new location for our user meetings.  This would be Amante Pizza on 123rd and Roosevelt Northeast in Seattle.

     The Pizza is excellent, they have spirits for those who care to imbibe, and they have a big screen TV that in theory can be connected to a computer and we can use for presentations.  Many people seem to want a more structured meeting but trying to do presentations on paper doesn’t work so well.  Being able to fire up a computer with a big screen live would be a huge plus.

     They do not know what inputs it has so I have to stop by and determine how to connect.

     I had been to Amante before when they were on 196th and just off of 44th in Lynnwood.  That restaurant had good food, great decor, but piss poor service.  This restaurant has excellent food, excellent service, but marginal decor.  However I think the room there is much more suited to our needs, it is completely walled off with glass walls from the rest of the restaurant so our noise won’t interfere with other diners and vice versa.

New Server – JuLinux.Yellow-Snow.Net

     We have a new server available for your use but this one is in the domain.  The full server name is  If you use this server, e-mail you send will by default by  E-mail to this address will also come to your INBOX.

     This server is a new Linux distribution called JULinux but it is only barely a distribution as it is essentially the Mate spin of Ubuntu configured to look like Windows with very nice artwork.  The software is all 100% Ubuntu so it has the stability, security, and is current like Ubuntu.

     The KDE implementation is broken in as much as the logout does not work so I would ask that you avoid using KDE with x2go on this server until I can figure out how to get it fixed.  All other x2go compatible window managers are working.

     If you do not have an existing Mate configuration and connect to this machine with x2go using mate, it will look like Windows.  If you do have an existing configuration then it will look the same as all the other Debian / Ubuntu derivatives.

     We do not yet have a corresponding web appearance but this is in the works.

Debian Login Trouble

     Received a report that people were unable to login to Debian this afternoon.  I found that ypbind had died but there was no indication in the logs as to why.  I restarted it and logins are functioning normally again.

Slow Service Early Wednesday Morning (1-4AM)

     Slow service early this morning and the temporary unavailability of was the result of a denial of service attack where upon our name servers were used as amplifiers in a denial of service attack aimed at us.  I had to lower the external view rate limit because of this, hopefully it is still adequate to service legitimate requests.

     There are aspects of this attack that I do not understand.  They forged an address of from outside (udp packets so no three-way connect) and directed requests at, so our name servers would attempt to reply to but there was no host on that IP address and the result was that our router didn’t know what to do with it and it overloaded it logging what it considered “Martian” packets.

     The puzzling aspect of this is I have a firewall rule that SHOULD block all traffic from an external interface which has an internal address.  I was able to mitigate the attack by blackholeing at the name servers and rate limiting responses.


Data Issue

     We had a strange data issue this afternoon.

     Around 16:00-16:15 I saw data flow drop to about half of what it had been averaging, then between 16:15-16.20 it dropped to zero.

     By around 17:00 everything was mostly back to normal.  Our bandwidth graph still is not logging but we can get out to the rest of the world.

     Found out there was a problem with power to an entire breaker panel at the Isofusion Bellevue co-location equipment facility that took out their core router.

Mint Fully Operational

     Rwhod was broken so mint appeared down in ruptime even though it was up.  This has been repaired.  Most of the software previously installed has been re-installed.  Java is version 10, and is the Oracle release as the included jdk-10 was missing libraries.