Server Reboots

     I’m going to reboot all the servers sometime after midnight tonight, assuming power is still on and stable at that time, to make effective a kernel upgrade.

Interruption In Service

     I apologize for the brief interruption in services around 2:30PM today.  After I disabled quotas, all the free disk space went away.  Only problem is disk usage did not show it allocated to anyone.  Something in that machines kernel or file system was corrupted.  After I rebooted the machine, disk usage was back to 26% which is about normal.

Quota System Misbehaving Still

     Still the quota system is acting weird.  I’ve turned it off (in theory) for now and will reboot the server and re-enable later tonight if it stays sane while turned off.  Because it’s a kernel process and not behaving properly I really can’t be sure that it is turned off so if it continues to be a problem I may be forced to boot the system in the day.


     Not sure why but the quota system went berserk today and decided I had about ten times as much disk usage as I actually had.  I do not know if other accounts were affected but I ran a system wide audit to correct the quota values.

Olive Video Editor

     Olive video editor has been installed on Debian, JuLinux, Mint, Ubuntu, and Zorin.  Note julinux is under,

     It is available under Applications -> Sound and Video -> Olive.

     Larger video windows may display somewhat jumpy over x2go depending upon your Internet connection but this will not affect the playback quality of the output file.

     Like other graphical applications, this requires connecting via x2go.  Free x2go clients are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux from


     Because Chrome and Firefox’s plug-in architecture is effectively neutered in the interest of security (mostly because Windows security is poor), I have not been able to find a good youtube download plugin.  The plugins that exist under the new interface require a third party website be involved and those seem limited and unreliable.

     So because some things that make it to youtube don’t stay there long, owing to Google’s censorship policy, I find the need to have a reliable downloader.  I have installed clibgrab on Mint, Julinux, Ubuntu, and Zorin.  It is under Applications->Internet->Clipgrab.

Sublime-Text Installed

     I’ve installed another new text editor, this, like atom, is a graphical editor featuring syntax highlighting and many other modern features.  It is called Sublime Text.

     Sublime Text is available on Centos6, Centos7, Debian, Fedora, Julinux, Mint, MxLinux, Scientific6, Scientific7, Ubuntu, and Zorin.

      It is available under Applications -> Programming -> Sublime Text under either Gnome or Mate desktops, not sure where it shows up under others.


     A new graphical text editor, very capable and configurable, called “atom“, has been installed on Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, MxLinux, Julinux, Zorin, Fedora, Centos7, and Scientific7.  Centos6 and Scientific Linux6 lack a library required so I can not install it on those servers, and there is no package available for Opensuse.

     This is a graphical text editor so in order to use it you will need to connect with X2go.  If you do not have x2go installed on your computer then you are missing out on about 95% of Eskimo’s functionality.  Please go and install a free client from