Cod’s Head & Mackerel Tail

Ted Brewer, a designer who did much of his work in my own state of Washington, recently retired and moved back to British Columbia. His training material for amateur builders and beginning yacht designers, now in its 4th edition, portrays the typical hull form used on sailing craft from the 1800s known as the Cod’s Head & Mackerel Tail, as inappropriate for contemporary designs.

Center and Lee Boarders Point Better than Keel Boats

In light to moderate conditions (when power to carry sail is not an issue), a center boarder or lee boarder has the advantage of more efficient and lower-drag lateral plane. All else being similar, it will point and foot better than a deep keel-ballasted boat”
Phil Bolger and Susanne Altenburger
Wooden Boats
November/December 2000 issue

I keep the WoodenBoat article with me.

America's Cup Section.

Remembering Hobie Alter, consulant to Coleman

hobieWe honor Hobie Alter who passed away on March 29th 2014 in simple ways. On my sailboat it is with a Coleman ice box. The only finished compartment on the MacGregor 26x sailboats is the place the manufacturer intended for that box, which stores a factory supplied Coleman ice chest.


Comfort and Water Ballast

It was pretty galling to watch the water-ballasted boats taking the conditions very much in their stride – and with significantly more comfort for their crews. 

The Cascails fleet exhibited a good representation of current offshore design, and it was interesting to see how they fared.

Global Vision for America’s Cup


“It should be more like Formula One, where you have races all around the world and all the races count toward the Championship.”

Larry Ellison in 10 March 2014 San Francisco Chronicle.

Regattas all over the world, Louis Vuitton Cup then America’s Cup in Honolulu is the current Vision.

Vigilant Centerboard

The 34th America’s Cup reintroduced catamarans. In 1988 a catamaran raced a mono hull with the result being a fiasco, the mono hull not being at all competitive. But multi hulled was not the only reintroduced innovation in the 34th.

Planing vs Displacement Sailing

There are four modes of sailing. Displacement mode, forced mode, planing, and the 4th mode. Obviously many ocean sailboats do not plane and hence there is no reason to learn sail planing techniques on those boats. In fact it is just the opposite.

Transpac Racing and Common Sense

The Dorade, a 52 foot 83 year-old yawl designed by Olin Stephens again won the TransPac race in 2013. She and the Santa Cruise 70 are two of only 4 vessels to be first to finish, first in class and first overall in the Transpac, a race to Hawaii that has been run regularly since 1906.


While not true with a power boat, raceability – to use a Cardwell term – is a determinant of resale value in sailboats.speed boat

MacGregor Yachts established itself as a race boat company with the MacGregor 65. The MacGregor 65 Joss, in 1985 established a record that went unbroken 22 years – one of the oldest records in ocean racing history.