Server Reboots

     I will be rebooting the host machines (which in turn will reboot all the servers) to load a new kernel that fixes some issue with UDP offloading on the ethernet port that was introduced with the last kernel upgrade.  Outages should be brief (approx 10 minutes each machine).

Apache Web Server Upgrade

     The apache web server has been upgraded to 2.4.28.  This upgrade primarily fixes a problem where by it was possible to obtain random memory data under certain circumstances.  Unfortunately, Apache caching still seems to occasional serve the wrong page.

Maintenance Completed

     Maintenance work for the night is completed.  We’ll will have individual servers go down tomorrow evening and Saturday evening for about 15-30 minutes each in order to back up those servers in preparation for upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10.

     This will affect mx1, mx2, ftp, ubuntu, and several other machines that are new and not yet fully in service.

     I will be rebooting servers in about an hour to upgrade kernels and test a fix to systemd.  If the fix works this will be a short interruption of about the minutes.  If not it may take approximately 45 minutes.