It is possible to use Joomla for a website here.  However, those of you who already have databases, the permissions are not adequate, so if you want to run Joomla, contact support here and let them know you need LOCK TABLE added to your database permissions.

I’ve got a copy installed on that I’m playing with just to learn it.  I am considering using it for some projects and possibly our website.

Logrotate Web Files

I’ve set logrotate up on the Apache web logs but I’m running into a problem.  I wanted to compress the rotated logs with the highest possible compression using xz so I added:



compresscmd /usr/bin/xz

compressoptions -e9

compressext .xz



It “almost” works, it does the compression with xz but it is ignoring the compressext command and instead giving it a ‘.gz’ extension which is wrong since it wasn’t compressed with gzip.

Any suggestions how to correct this?  Leave comments or e-mail please.

Eskimo Announce

I’m going to be phasing out eskimo-announce list.  This will replace it.  You can have notifications of posts mailed to you by registering here.

Anonymous FTP Fixed

I made some configuration changes last weekend to address some security concerns.  I made an error in the process that broke anonymous FTP.  That has been corrected.

Social Network Connections

I’m attempting to tie this blog into some social networks, Twitter and Facebook in particular, to help keep people there informed as to what we’re doing here at Eskimo.

Sorry for the long string of messages, Twitter in particular seems difficult to interface to, I think in part owing to a recent change in their API and plugins not being well maintained.

Web Logs

I am changing the format of Apache logs to “combined” so that they will work with awstats and some other web log analyzing packages.

I’ve also finally got logrotate setup on weblogs, so no longer will they grow infinitely.  The logs will be rotated at midnight and seven days worth kept.

Mail Fix

The most common misconfiguration problem I see with pop or imap accounts is that people put instead of just login for their username.

Recently, a customer with an AT&T phone, model unknown at this time, was unable to change it because the phone did so automatically.

I’ve made a change the Dovecot configuration that strips off the ‘’, for authentication purposes, so if you have had this problem for similar reasons, your phone should now work with our mail service.