Cookies – How to allow sessions to work but stop tracking by third parties.

We do not use cookies to track your activities on the Internet but we do use them for session management for things like maintaining your identity from page to page in web mail.

We do have Google Ads on some of our pages and they track all sorts of things.  If you do not wish to be tracked by them but wish session management to work properly here, most browsers have a way of accepting cookies from the visited site but not third parties.

In Firefox, go into Preferences, Select the Privacy Tab, then where it says, “Firefox will: Remember History”, that is a pull-down bar.  Select Use Custom Settings for History.

Then under History, leave accept cookies from sites checked, but change accept third party cookies to “Never”.

That setting will allow sessions to work properly here and still prevent your activities on the Internet from being tracked by cookies.


Our little Rand-o-Dex script that outputs a random users web page is broken.  I’m not fluent in Perl and am having problems figuring out why it can’t access the list file.  Permissions appear to all be in order.

If someone fluent in Perl would be willing to lend me a hand troubleshooting and reviving this, it would be much appreciated.

Please e-mail

Mail Maintenance Rescheduled Tonight 11pm-11:20pm

I got the machine reloaded but didn’t last to the mail maintenance.  So I will be doing that tonight around 11pm-11:20pm.  The client mail server will be down during that interval.

Incoming mail will continue to be processed and will be accessible during that interval via shell mailers like pine, mutt, elm, mailx, etc.  Web mail and client mail programs like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc will not be operational during that interval.

Mail Maintenance 1/15/2014 00:05-00:30

I will be taking the client mail server down just after midnight to image the machine so that if it is necessary to restore it will have all the recent updates in the image. This will take approximately 20 minutes.

During this time, web mail will be unavailable, it will not be possible to access mail via IMAP or POP3 mail clients, and you will not be able to send mail.

You will be able to read mail via shell mailers such as pine, elm, mutt, mush, and mailx during this time frame.  Outgoing mail sent via shell mailers should queue and be sent when the client mail server is returned to service.

Support Afternoon/Evening January 14th 2014

I will be in and out this late afternoon and evening, first to attend a Shoreline Community Meeting that concerns possibly turning the street I use to get to my home into a one-way which would make getting in and out a nightmare, and then second to reload CentOS onto a new server I’m trying to get operational at the co-location facility.

We changed the motherboard and the new motherboard has a different Ethernet chip and we’ve already tried to rebuild the initramfs manually and it didn’t fly.  So I’m just going to reload this machine as it has nothing important on it yet.  This machine will be used to provide virtual machines to customers.

If you call, PLEASE leave voice mail, I will be out around 5:15PM, back in briefly around 7:45PM, and out again by around 8:30PM.  Please also leave how late it will be okay to call you back.

File Permissions

Please do not give your files and directories public write permissions.  People do bad things with them.

I suggest setting your umask at least to 022, this will automatically take away public and group write permissions for any files and directories you create.

Today, I had to clean up several dozen user web pages which were publicly writable and had been vandalized to include malicious JavaScript code.  These modifications were made possible by users setting permissions on their files allowing public write.

Death Statistics and Fukushima

We are reaching that time when the radio-active isotopes from Fukushima start to wash up on the beaches of the west coast, and as it happens those of us between Portland and Vancouver will get the brunt of it.

I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t more than coincidence that the US Government has passed legislation to make death records unavailable to the public.

They claim it is to prevent fraud, but any fraud that it would prevent isn’t new.  What is new is that we’ll probably see a gradual creeping up of the rates of leukemia and other bone cancers as we take radioactive cesium into our bodies through the food chain.

I don’t know how big of a problem this will be in reality as information that is available on the Internet is totally wild ranging from there will be no effect to it will be the end of humanity.  I think the most likely scenario is somewhere in-between.

I don’t own a Geiger-counter and they’ve gotten quite expensive lately so I’m not likely to own one in the near future.  But that seems to be the only reliable way to get a handle on what we’re actually being exposed to.

It doesn’t seem like we’re going to get honest information from our government.

Your Password Will Not Expire in 3 Days

If you get an e-mail telling you that your password will expire in 3 Days or some such, it is not from us, it is a phishing scam trying to get your login credentials here.

We do not use password aging here.  On sites that do use it, I tend to choose bad passwords since I’ve got to think them up on the spot and have them be something memorable, and I think that is the case for most people, others probably write them down where other people can get them.