New Counter

I’ve replaced the HiStats counter on our home page with some PHP code that tracks visits in a local database.

I did this because the HiStats counter didn’t work when called from a secure page, was implemented in JavaScript and thus didn’t work with browsers that didn’t have JavaScript enabled, and was often slow or unresponsive delaying the loading of our page.

The new counter is implemented in PHP, all the work is done on the server side and so it is completely transparent to the end user and just looks like ordinary HTML code.

It should provide more reliable statistics.

Phones Down

Our business telephones are down at present.  We get our telephone service from Comcast and Comcast is broken at the moment and can’t schedule anyone until tomorrow afternoon.

If you can’t get through on our phones, please e-mail instead.  Fortunately, I have a T1 to our co-location facility so I do have another way of getting to e-mail and our hosts.

Maintenance 6/7/2014 00:05-02:00 AM

I will be rebooting and taking machines out of service for imaging early Saturday morning on June 7th, 2014.

There will be an initial outage that affects all services when the main file server is rebooted, lasting about 15 minutes, and then after that individual machines will be taken down, imaged, and rebooted.