New Router In Place

     Our new router is in place but the port speed is at the old speed until Isomedia switches their end to match.  I expect this will happen sometime later today.

     It went relatively smoothly.  I had some problem getting NAT to work but that was operator error not machine malfunction.

     I will undoubtedly be doing some fine tuning.  But this should take care of the occasional character echo lag and greatly improve connectivity.

Router Replacement

     There will be a brief (hopefully) service interruption tonight as I replace our router at the co-location facility.  The new router is capable of 1GB full duplex but initially that won’t be the case as I will have to have Isomedia change the settings on their interface.  But it will take care of CPU exhaustion issues right away.

     If all goes well I will just have to move the ethernet cables over.  However, the user interface is quite different and so I am not 100% confident I have it configured correctly.  If not it may take a bit longer.

Centos7 is paused temporarily for cloaning

    Centos7 is paused temporarily for cloning.  I have been totally unable to get a fresh install of Centos7 based upon the most recent distribution to behave properly, in particular, idmapd will not start and even if I start it manually it does not work, but it works on the existing machine so I’m cloaning it as a work around.

    When the copy finishes, Centos7 will resume execution where it left off.  If I’ve stopped something of yours, please be patient.  I need to do this to get a database someone’s shop is dependent upon up and running again.


     I have removed because people have found a way to cause it to lock tables in the database and then cause processes to pile up until it exhausts all database connections.

     The code is old and is no longer being maintained.  It has been replaced by but is incompatible with a web server running on the same machine as it has it’s own server engine rather than using Apache.

     I may place it on another host here but at present it is not installed.

Server Reboots 8am

     I am going to reboot,, and to change memory allocation to hopefully address some response issues this morning.

     This will be a very brief outage, should be less than a minute.

Mint Upgrade 17.2

     Mint is back up and running however not all of the applications are installed and configured.  In particular postfix isn’t setup yet so don’t try to send mail, it will just get stuck in queue or rejected outright.  And on the subject of mail, most mailers are not yet installed.

     Unfortunately, there was no clean way to upgrade from Mint 14 to 17.2 cleanly except to do a clean install.

Mint Upgrade

     Our shell server is presently down for an upgrade to Mint 17.2.  If you need a debian based server in the meantime please use the newly upgraded or

Denial of Service

     We were hit with two denial of service attacks today.  The first was close to 9AM and only lasted a few seconds.  The second was between 3:00pm and 3:45pm lasting 45 minutes.

     After analysis of the traffic, I determined that it was not possible to block this type of attack without disrupting legitimate traffic.

     The real problem is that our router is not able to handle the volume of packets that can be generated easily these days.  Simply put, it doesn’t have enough CPU to examine 100,000 packets per second.

     I ordered a replacement router today, the existing unit is one that we have used since 1995.  The replacement should be here in 7-10 days and should handle more than 10x the traffic in terms of packets per second than our current router is completely swamped by.  In addition, it will change our edge interface from 100mb/s half duplex to 1G/s full duplex.

     It is possible for a denial of service attack to generate as much as 46G/s and that would overwhelm even our new router but the majority of attacks we’ve seen lately have not even been 100mb/s and instead of exhausting bandwidth are exhausting router CPU.