2MB Web Upload Size Fixed

     With the replacement of the web server, I neglected to change PHP’s default limit on file upload size of 2MB.  This may have caused problems trying to send large attachments via web-mail or upload photos to a blog, etc.  This has been corrected.

Old SunOS Server Down

     The old SunOS 4.1.4 server, eskimo.com, is currently wedged.  It’s in a state where the kernel still responds to pings but no user space programs are getting CPU time.

     The only fix for this is a reboot, which being a physical box requires a trip to the co-location center so it will be down until later this afternoon.  Please use one of the other shell servers in the meantime.

Web Mail

     When we turned the web server up, there was an issue with the configuration of postfix that caused problems with mail being sent from that server.  Postfix had it’s own copy of /etc/hosts that differed from the system copy and caused it to refuse to run.  this has been corrected.  This may have been an issue from the time the server was turned up although today was the first time I’ve received a complaint.

Server Maintenance Completed

     Tonight’s server maintenance was actually completed about 10:15PM.  Reboots went smooth on all but one server.  One still got stuck unmounting /var and /opt and needed to be power cycled.  All but one virtual machine started on boot as it should and the one that didn’t was the new web server which I did not have set to automatically start.  That has been corrected.

     It would seem the systemd scripts are slowly getting fixed in Ubuntu 15.10.  Of course there will be ubuntu 16.04 coming out this April with a whole new can of worms.

Looking for a Replacement for Mindterm Java-SSH

     I’m looking for an HTML5 replacement for the old JavaSSH.  I have no way of changing it or allowing it to connect to more than one host.  Also, with modern Java, you have to confirm any self-signed applet which is a pain in the butt. Many portable devices lack Java.

     In the interest of eliminating these issues I’m looking for an HTML5 version.  I know such exists because the Ubiquiti router I recently purchased has such a beast built into it’s interface.

Web Server Maintenance Finished

     Web server maintenance is finished.  I’ve got the new server imaged so if I explode it I can recover it back to a working state.

     I’m working on several major projects right now.  I’ve got an XMPP server functioning and bosh but have some issues with the configuration of an redirect necessary to allow JavaScript to connect (because it’s on a different port).

     Also found out some of the audio stuff requires what is called a “turn” server and right now the video stuff requires an account on a 3rd party service but looking for a way around that.

     I’m also trying to install guacamole, which allows remote desktops with just a web browser, the client portion is HTML5, but it requires quite a lot of server infrastructure.

     Anytime major stuff is installed there is always a heightened potential for breaking things.


Monday Evening Maintenance 10pm-10:15pm

     Monday around 10PM I need to reboot the host machines to load a new kernel.  Ubuntu keeps kicking them out and most have had security issues so don’t want to leave the old ones in place any longer than necessary.  There should be about ten minutes of hard downtime and then, particularly on the debian machines, may require additional reboots if they do not remount NFS partitions right which has been a problem with them recently.

Web / FTP Maintenance

     I am going to take the new web server down tonight for about 20 minutes to image the machine now that I have it stable and operating well.

     There have been 0 owncloud errors and 0 php errors in the last 24 hours.  This machine has never run this clean.  Ubuntu definitely runs much better than CentOS.

     An additional plus, it takes approximately three seconds for a reboot as opposed to close to two minutes under CentOS.