I’ve got connections from the shell servers disabled temporarily until this issue can be resolved as it trips this bug instantly.  If anybody knows anyplace I can get help with this, a good forum for mysql issues etc, please do let me know (e-mail


     While investigating where to fix the file descriptor limit in MySQL I ran across quite a few useful tweaks.  The end result, I was able to shave about 300ms off of our page load speed for our WordPress site so that if you aren’t logged in, it is now under 1/2 second which ain’t shabby for WordPress.

     There is still something causing MySQL to lock up.  I am able to reproduce what is causing it, just don’t know how to fix it yet.  I am trying to find a solution.


More MySQL Fun

     The latest and greatest is that MySQL was running out of file descriptors.  The fun thing about that is that just modifying limits.conf doesn’t fix it, one needs to modify the systemd start-up script for MySQL as well as the /etc/mysql/my.cnf.

     The re-install blew away my modified systemd scripts and so what I had in my.cnf was ignored as it was greater than the system default of 1024.

     This is fixed now.  I also did some tuning to hopefully speed it up a bit.  Shaved about 100ms off o the page load time.

     Now I’m waiting to see what blows up next.

Database Still Borked

     Still not fixed, the web server mysql database is still exploding.

     Different problem now, now is saying bad file descriptor repeatedly.  No errors prior to that so no clue as to why that is happening.  I increased the number of open file descriptors allowed but I don’t think that is the real issue.

Website Issues

     I believe I’ve got the website issues fixed.

     Ubuntu compiled MySQL 5.7 differently than MySQL 5.6.  Specifically, they included four things that were plugins into the base server.

     When the upgrade installed it, it asked me whether I wanted to keep the original configuration or accept a new configuration.  I opted to keep the original as I have a number of site specific things configured in.

     Also the plugins were kept in a table, mysql.plugins, and so in spite of having these functions compiled in, it also tried to load these plugins.  As you can imagine, this did not go over well.

     So I have deleted those plugins which are now hard coded into the server from the plugin table, and fixed the configuration issues.

     Another issue was that 5.7 now has support for encrypted connections but you have to specify a certificate and key to use them.  It is supposed to disable this functionality if none are found, but instead it tried and bitched about it.

     So I’ve now configured in the ability to support encrypted sessions.

MySQL / Web Problems

     Mysql keeps hanging, it gets in a loop of errors with socket operation on a non-socket but the only socket I know of is the one to connect and it is still a socket.

     I am researching and trying to understand what is happening to correct it.  If you get cannot connect to the database when you go to our website or anything using MySQL here, that is why.

     This is unrelated to the upgrade.  It started happening several days before.  I had hoped the upgrade would resolve it.  The machine in question is quite generously equipped with memory (16GB), so not a memory issue.


Upgrade Success

     The upgrade appears mostly to have been a success.  However, on the web server it broke NFS version 4 so I’m currently running version 3.  I know this has to be something broken in my configuration because it is working properly on another 16.04.1 server here.

     I had hoped it would resolve the MySQL hanging and dying thing but it did not even though it replaced it with a newer version so I will continue to troubleshoot that.  I have some ideas on how to narrow it down but it will take some time as I have to wait for it to fail on it’s own as I do not yet know what induces a failure.


FTP / WWW – Upgrade Mostly Complete

     The upgrade of the operating system on the web and ftp server has mostly been completed.  It us up and running on 16.04.1 LTS.

     However, it broke nfs version 4 in a way that cost all NFS mounted partitions to be not to allow any read or write which make it rather useless.  For now I’ve reverted back to NFSv3 until I can figure out what is wrong.

Upgrade In Progress

     The web server is in the process of being upgraded from Ubuntu 15.10, which is no longer receiving security updates, to Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, which will be supported for some time.

     I hope that it will be stable this time.  When 16.04 LTS came out I upgraded and found that it was not stable, but I’ve been running several other servers on 16.04.1 as well as a couple of workstations and thus far they have all been stable so I am optimistic that the stability issues have been fixed in the ‘.1’ release.

     If not, I have made an image of the machine prior to upgrading so we can revert if necessary.

     There may be an interval of several hours where MySQL and PHP are not working and our website will be down during this time.  This is because of the way that Ubuntu updates, first it downloads all the necessary package, then it unpacks them over the existing packages, THEN it configures the new packages.  Between the time of unpacking and configuring there may be some time where things do not function.