Zorin KDE More Better

     I added a PPA for KUbuntu backports to Zorin which had newer versions of most of the KDE packages.  By applying those upgrades it is now mostly functional.  Powerdevil explodes but so do similar packages in other window managers and I think the reason is that it is running in a virtual machine, it has no real hardware to twiddle.  I would just remove it but like the other window managers there are stupid dependencies that require it’s non-functional presence for other things to work.  A similar situation exists with some bluetooth packages.  No actual hardware but if they aren’t here dependencies break other things.

Zorin Functionality Improved

     All shells are now installed.

     KDE mostly works now, the plasmashell explodes in theory because of missing plasmoids but said plasmoids are not part of the Zorin distribution.  I am attempting to locate them elsewhere.  But this is the state it was in before.

     Gnome does not work yet, just gives you the black X-server screen and mouse pointer but no panels, menus, etc.

Zorin Up Limited

     Zorin is back online but crippled.  Presently the only working window managers are LXDE and Mate.  Only bash is installed and only a handful of applications.  I am working on restoring the rest.  If there is something you need, please e-mail me at support@eskimo.com and I will prioritize getting it back online.

Zorin – More Problems

     I was attempting to repartition Zorin but gparted blew up and scribbled the partition table.  So I restored from backups and tried again, same thing.  Something seems to be hurt with the partition table even on backups so I am doing a fresh install.  If there is software on Zorin that you use please e-mail nanook@eskimo.com and I will prioritize getting that re-installed.  No user data will be lost.

Zorin Update

     I apologize, this work is taking longer than I expected.  Zorin will be down for probably another 1-1/2 hours.  MxLinux and Ubuntu are both very similar so please consider using one of those hosts in the interim.


     I am taking the shell server zorin.eskimo.com down for approximately 1/2 hour to change some configuration details that will make it a bit more resource efficient.

Alternative E-mail Domain

     I have had customers who have issues with ‘eskimo’ in our domain name because some people consider it to be a racial slur which is based primarily on a misunderstanding of the meaning of the word.  It is often believed the word was originated by Siberian Eskimos who were enemies of the Inuit to mean Eaters of Raw Meat.

     In fact the word was originated by Greenlandic Eskimos and means one who uses snow shoes.

     In any case, prior to Western civilizations influence on Eskimo communities, eaters of raw meat would not have been inaccurate since fuel sources are rather scarce above the arctic circle and while cooking still aids in digestion, it was not required for sanitary reasons because bacteria do not grow and ruin meat when temperatures were consistently below freezing.

     Many people feel that Inuit is the correct term but Inuit is to Eskimo as Japanese is to Asian.  Eskimo refers to all people living above the Arctic Circle, Inuit refers to only a subset living along the northern Alaska, Canada, and Greenlandic Northern coastal areas,  It excludes inland Eskimos and Siberian Eskimos among others.  Another commonly recommended alternative, Aleut, refers only to those living in the Aleutian Islands, other Islands in the Bearing Sea, and the Northwest coastal areas of Alaska.

     Unlike the more politically correct Asian verses the less politically correct Oriental, there is no politically more correct term for Eskimos equating to all peoples living above the Arctic circle and the degree to which it is politically incorrect is the result of a false myth with regards to the origin of the word.

     With all that said and with the realization that I’m not going to educate the world or even a small part of it, and the realization that sadly much Eskimo language has been lost (there were at one time more than 200 languages, some much closer to each other than others) and that the Eskimos prior to their interfacing with Western civilization had no written language, everything was passed down by oral tradition, much of which has been lost, so crazy mythology is bound to screw things up further, acknowledging all these things, I have enabled mail on one of our game domains so that those of you who have a problem with it have an alternative.

     I have enabled e-mail on ybbored.com domain so if you send e-mail to user@ybbored.com, it will be delivered to your INBOX the same as eskimo.com.

    For further reading I highly recommend, The Book Of The Eskimos by Peter Freuchen.  It will not only open your eyes about the nature of the Eskimo, a people surviving in the harshest inhabited portion of our planet, but also of their thoughts, spirituality, and even some eye openers on the nature of reality itself.  Peter Freuchen is one of the most direct, honest, and lucid writers I’ve ever read and the book is a very captivating read.

     And if you’ve read the book then you will hopefully understand my use of the term and interest in the people and their lives, particular historic prior to Western Influence, is one of great respect, nothing I would ever want to slander or slur.  These people not only survived in a harsh environment, the lived life to the fullest an they did so in a sustainable manner.

Mail Update

     As of today, our mail server, mail.eskimo.com, has been delisted from all mail RBL lists including SORBS.  We also do not have things backed up in queue. 

     Mail should be processing normally provided there aren’t issues on the receiving side.

     Because some sites ignore TTL in DNS responses and cache information longer, even though our server has been cleared from all lists, some sights working from old RBL information may block mail from our server until their DNS cache expires the DNS record used by the RBL to indicate status.

     smtp1.wholefoods.com is immediately dropping connections with no explanation and since they use a privacy service for their domain registration, I can not call their admin to let them know.  I apologize to those who this inconveniences but I have no control over their server.