Fail2ban Policy Change

     Fail2ban is software installed on all of our servers which detects unauthorized activity and bans the offending IP address.  The most common unauthorized activity is failed passwords.

     If the same IP is banned twice in a two week period, the IP will be banned for a year.  This has been made necessary by huge botnets doing brute force password attacks.

     If you get your password wrong, please do not keep trying passwords, give us a call for a password reset.

Another Round of Reboots Midnight-6AM

     Tonight when the date changes to August 18th Pacific Time, we will be doing another round of reboots.  Depending upon whether or not they’ve fixed a problem with the last kernel that caused automatic NFS mounts to fail, this may be a somewhat lengthier than usual process as I’m going to have to check the NFS mounts on each virtual machine after the reboot of each physical host.

     If this finishes in a reasonable period of time, virtual private servers will experience a brief outage of from 10-15 minutes each to image the machines (a form of backup).

CentOS 7 PHP 7.2

     PHP on CentOS7 has been updated to PHP 7.29.

     While PHP 7.3 is available, too many applications here such as NextCloud, still will not work with it so we are delaying upgrading until these applications are PHP 7.3 capable.


     PHP will temporarily be unavailable on CentOS6 as I am de-installing PHP7.0 and installing PHP7.2 so that it will be the same version that is utilized on our web servers.