Guacamole web access to shell server console and terminals is presently unavailable.

     Restoring the web server and then upgrading to 19.10 broke it to the point where it needs to be completely re-installed.  I am working on that.

     I apologize for the interruptions earlier but needed to fix various things so that the web server came up properly after a reboot.

Web Server

     Our web server is currently reverted to the software state it was in on October 24th.

     This is because a reboot was required after a software update this morning and upon rebooting it would not come back up.  It didn’t even provide the normal grub menu.

     I attempted to fix this with boot-repair but was unsuccessful.  So I saved the database, so at least we wouldn’t lose work you’ve done on your sites, and restored from backup.

     That too had problems although less severe and I was able to get the site operational.

     I am now in the process of upgrading Ubuntu, after which I’ll upgrade the website and then fix various things that broke.



      Nobody has used MxLinux this month at all.  They are preparing a new release but it’s based upon an antique 4.19 kernel and an antique 1.20 version of Mate, and consequently I’ve decided rather than upgrading the machine I am just going to retire it and load some other version of Linux on it.  If anyone WANTS to use MxLinux say something now before it goes away.  If anyone has a favorite they’d like to recommend this is a good time to make your suggestions to

Brief Outage

     We had a brief outage around 7:35PM caused by one of our physical host servers spontaneously rebooting.  I do not know what caused the reboot as there was nothing logged of the event.

Web Mail Outage Fixed

     We had a brief problem with webmail which resulted from my failure to add our own IP space to the ignoreip line of the fail2ban configuration in the new mail server.  This has been fixed.