Reboots July 6th 1AM

     A recent Microcode update for Intel CPUs basically turned our i7-6850k into an i7-6850 (locked multiplier) reducing the speed of the CPU substantially.

     This platform does not require the Linux Microcode anyway as the Microcode provided by the BIOS is already not vulnerable to meltdown and spectre exploits.

     In order to restore full operating speed a reboot is necessary to back out this microcode upgrade.  This machine provides the /home directory for all machines here and also the following shell servers: centos7, fedora, mint, opensuse, scientific, and ubuntu, as well as our web server.

     Anyone logged into those shell servers will be disconnected as they reboot and any home directory I/O will freeze for several minutes on all the other machines.

     This work is scheduled for 1AM and should conclude by 1:15AM if all goes according to plan.

Ubuntu Update

     Ubuntu is back up but it is up as 17.10.  I am presently applying updates to bring it current then will upgrade to 18.04.  This will require several reboots along the way so please do not use this machine unless you’re okay with being disconnected without warning for update reboots.



      I had the nightly builds x2go server installed on Centos7, today’s update it left it non-functional.  I’ve installed the stable version but the stable version has the wrong version of xrandr and so will not set your screen dimensions.

     A temporary work around until a working nightly builds is released again is to open a terminal and type xrandr -s (width)x(height), for example my screen is 1920×1080 so I type xrandr -s 1920×1080 (return) and then I’m good.


     Zorin was down unexpectedly today.  After some exploration I discovered systemctl was broken in such a way that a non-root user could halt the system.  For now I’ve taken public permissions off of systemctl.  I do not know that this is the only way a non-root user can halt the system.

MInt 19

     Mint is now mint version 19.0.  It is not fully functional yet.  I have not been able to get x2go to work properly yet.  It is exiting with no error so not giving me much to troubleshoot with.  Also elm does not work.

Mint Upgrade In Progress

     I am attempting to update Mint 18.3 to Mint 19.  It is not going smoothly.  It would be best to avoid using this machine until notice of completion is posted here, otherwise if the in place upgrade fails and I have to do a fresh install you may loose work in progress.

Shell Servers all Up Now

     The following servers did not properly remount the /home directory after reboot: debian, mint, ubuntu, zorin, and scientific.  Usually I go through all the servers and check after a reboot to prevent this but after finishing the reboots I felt sick so put that off until today since there are many shell servers to choose from.  Of all the debian based servers, mxlinux was the only one that was well.

Reboots Completed

     Reboots are completed and I have verified the web, ftp, and mail servers are up as is the centos6 shell server and all the virtual private servers.

     Normally I would check all of the shell servers to be sure NFS correctly mounted on each and NIS correctly bound.  However, I am feeling sick and need to lay down for a while.

     If you discover anything amiss, please use Support -> Tickets to generate a trouble ticket.