Debian Re-install

     I am going to do a fresh install of Debian Bullet 11.  This will take some time.  I apologize for this but systemd has not worked properly since the upgrade and I’ve spent several hours trying to troubleshoot with no success.  I think at this point a clean install is the best bet for getting it back to smoothly operating.

Debian Broken

     Debian is presently broken.  Something is scrambled with systemd and it will not come back up properly after a reboot.  I may need to do a fresh install on this machine to get it to work properly.  Systemd has not functioned correctly since upgrade to bullet.  I’m still actively troubleshooting but it may be a few hours.  Please use ubuntu, mint, mxlinux, zorin, or julinux in the meantime.

Unanticipated Debian Reboot

     I apologize for the unanticipated Debian reboot today.  I am trying to fix some software issues and when installing software the install got stuck during a systemd, the bane of Linux, services restart and there is no way to recover except to reboot.

Looking for High Capacity CPU Cooler

     I’m looking to build a new machine, primary function will be a faster more robust web server.  Because Google, Duckduckgo, Bing, and now even SwissCows has gotten heavily into censoring information about adverse vax events, certain political issues, etc, I want to put a yacy search engine back up, but when I had one before it really loaded the server too heavily, in particular it’s memory requirements were excessive.

     So I’m looking at building a machine based around an i9-10940x, the reason for this particular CPU is that it is an Intel core CPU which can address 256 GB of RAM, has 14 cores, 28 threads, and can be overclocked to 5Ghz.  But overclocking it at that speed can make it dissipate more than 400 watts, so I need a very robust cooler.  The coolers I’ve been using, EVO-212A max out at around 240 watts.  I don’t like the Xeon CPUs because first they are excessively expensive, and second have slow memory controllers.  I’ve had bad luck with reliability with AMD in the past so I stay clear of that.  No offense to anyone who is an AMD or Xeon fan, just stating my reasons for going with this particular CPU.

     The challenge, when I’ve looked for coolers in the past, sites used to have TDP ratings, these seem to be mostly absent from Noctua, CoolerMaster, and other brand sites now so I don’t know how to identify a suitable cooler.  Any help with this would be appreciated.

     Another thing I am looking for is an alternative to opendmarc.  It seems to fail sometimes when the From: line is extremely long, but I’m not having any success finding an alternative.  If anyone knows of something that will work under Linux please let me know.