New Shell Servers Rocky8 and PopOS

     As previously noted, centos7, scientific7, and now centos-stream are going away.  Centos7 and scientific7 at the end of this month, and centos-stream in a few hours as Redhat has already dropped the repositories for it ahead of schedule.

     I’ve brought two new distros online, is primarily a replacement for centos-stream, centos7, and scientific7.  It is much like Centos WAS before Redhat took it over.  Please let me know if there are applications that are presently missing or not working.

     The other new shell server I brought online is popos.eskimo.comPopos is a disguised Ubuntu (they are like Zorin, a Ubuntu with some of their own stuff placed on top).  Because of the popularity of the release with the Linux community at large and the fact that Ubuntu based systems are relatively easy to maintain, I’ve added it.

     If you have any other distros or services you would like to see here please contact