The Old Sun Shell Server

Looks like I’ll be able to keep the antique going for a while.

I went over to Vetco today and they had a few 9GB SCSI drives of the type I can use on the old server for 99¢ each.  So for a couple of bucks I’ve got replacement drives for that machine.  I have a spare chassis, CPU, memory, and power supply but the drives were the hard to obtain item.

So that old machine should be maintainable now for a while longer.

Content Management Systems

If you are looking for a CMS for your website, Drupal, Concrete5, Joomla, and WordPress all work fine here.  I’ve installed all of them just to test and get familiar with them, except for WordPress which we use for our News blog and I’m also using it for some personal blogs.

If you need help setting one of these up, send e-mail to and I’ll be happy to help set it up.  In all cases, it’s just a case of copying the files to the location you want the site to show up at, public_html if it’s going to be your entire website, and then going there with a web browser and filling in the database information.


This is the WordPress ChristmasPress theme slightly modified.

If you’d like a WordPress website setup either as your website, or as part of your website, it is free to asking for any Eskimo North customer.  Just e-mail support, let us know your login, where you want the WordPress site setup, if you have an existing MySQL database here we will need the password, if not give us a password to use to set one up.

I will set it up for you totally free of charge.

If you’re not an Eskimo North customer, with the purchase of any shell or web hosting package, I’ll be glad to do this for you.


NFSv4 Broken in CentOS 6.5 – Reboots necessary to revert to NFSv3 until fixed.

I apologize for the interruptions in web, mail, and shellx service today.  This was necessary because the upgrade to CentOS 6.5 broke the NFSv4 clients badly.

NFS is networked file system, it’s how common files like your home directory and mail spool are available on multiple machines.

NFSv4 doesn’t pass numerical user ID’s over the wire like previous version of NFS did.  Instead, it passes names which are mapped by idmapd, which up until recently worked.

Unfortunately, the NFS version 4 client in CentOS 6.5 is sometimes passing a numerical UID over the wire instead of a name and then when idmapd tries to look it up, it fails, resulting in the file ownership being mapped to nobody.

Reading the CentOS and RedHat forums, it’s clear that we’re not the only people having this problem, it’s also clear the developers don’t yet have a clue what is causing it, so a fix may be awhile.

I apologize for the somewhat slower response this is going to cause in the meantime but random user ID mapping is not a workable situation.

Maintenance Complete

That portion of our system maintenance which is service affecting has been completed.

Mammoth Networks, which provides DSL back haul for our DSL customers using CenturyLink circuits, will still be rebooting equipment at 2AM PST which will cause an interruption of approximately 15 minutes duration in DSL connectivity.

Maintenance 12/7/2013 00:05 – 2:00 AM

We will be performing maintenance work early Saturday morning between just after midnight and about 2AM that will affect the main file server, shellx, mail, and ftp for about 20-25 minutes each which involves rebooting to make updates from Centos 6.4 to Centos 6.5 active, and imaging those machines so that if recovery is necessary, it will be to current software.

The main file server will affect all services and will be first, just after midnight, then the other services individually will be taken down to be imaged and rebooted.


At Xeno’s request, I’ve installed Ruby 2.0.0 on Shellx.  However, because there were 128 things dependent upon the existing ruby, rather than overwriting the system version, I’ve installed 2.0.0 in /usr/local, the executable is in /usr/local/bin.  If you want the newer version, either specify the full path or make sure that /usr/local/bin is before /usr/bin in your $PATH variable.