Mint is Up

     The shell server is up, maintenance on this server is completed.

     Maintenance on all servers is finished, images are being compressed and this will slow things somewhat but everything is back in service and should remain that way.

Debian Maintenance

     The shell server,, will be going down for approximately 45 minutes for maintenance.  The virtual machine will be imaged with all the latest updates applied so that if a restore becomes necessary it will be restored to a current condition.



     Things will be some what slower than normal today as images made last night are being compressed.  This would normally happen over night, but due to the problems encountered with one server last night,  the compression is being done during the day today.  I’ve niced the jobs down as much as possible to minimize their effect upon other operations.

Maintenance Saturday 6/6

     Everything is back in service.

     I am going to have to continue maintenance tomorrow.  The shell servers debian, mint, ubuntu, scientific, and scientific7 will be taken out of service for about 20-45 minutes each.

Host Machine Not Responding

     The following servers are up: mail, www, ftp, mail, mx1, shellx, uucp, and centos7.

     The following are up but the host is sick: debian, mint, scientific7, scientific, ubuntu, and mx2.  These are on the host machine that presently is responding only to ping.  The virtual machines are responding but I can’t get into the host, even from the virtuals.

     I am going to have to go to the co-location facility and reboot this machine and it’s not going to be graceful.  So it would be good not to be doing anything important on this second group of machines until this is completed.



Host Machine Back

     After much gnashing of teeth, I was able to regain access and control of the host that scientific7 sits on remotely so maintenance is proceeding as planned.