Slackware Server Discontinued

     I decided to remove the Slackware from the shell servers today.

     1) It was not being used, about a month between logins on average and then only brief logins.

     2) It was not being maintained.  I’ve seen no updates for a long time.

     3) I could not get x2go to work on it.  There have been problems since it’s installation and they are not being resolved.

     4) It works only with non-GPT partition tables, and this precludes using boot-repair if something goes wrong.

     5) It uses the lilo boot loader, also precluding the use of boot-repair if something goes wrong.

     In short it was a lot of effort to maintain.  If it were getting used, I’d make that effort, but it was not.

Ubuntu SSH Re-installed

     I needed to re-install ssh server on because there was a problem with the existing installation that caused it not to re-start automatically upon reboot.

     The result is the openssh encryption keys will have changed.  You can remove the old key from your .ssh/known_servers with:

     ssh-keygen -f “/home/nanook/.ssh/known_hosts” -R “”

     You will also be prompted if you use x2go.  Do not worry, this is NOT a man in the middle attack, it is simply an installation problem that needed to be corrected.