My new kittens.  My second youngest son, Raymond holding Lucas, a 5 month gray and white with some tabby markings, and on he right, my wife, Tina, holding Tulip, a 7 month old female Siamese kitten.  Lucas has very affectionate personality very similar to Monster, my cat that just died, and Tulip while warm to humans, isn’t very thrilled with other cats yet Lucas is very attached to her even though she hisses at him for looking her way.


     For those wishing to get a preview of the next long term release of Ubuntu, there is a shell server temporarily available until the official release of Bionic Beaver later this month.

     The machine is  You can access it with ssh and x2go.  If you use x2go, be sure there is not a ‘mesg n’ or other terminal related command in your .profile or your login will fail.

     When Bionic Beaver is officially released, providing they haven’t broken anything severely, will be upgraded to this version, 18.04LTS.

Network and Monster

     I built a new server and set it up with 18.04 LTS which is still in beta but it works better than 17.10 or 16.04 LTS which are stable.  So our network is back operational.  There still may be some shell servers not properly sync’d.  If you encounter a problem accessing your home directory please let me know BUT be sure to tell me which server you are on.

     My cat, Monster, did not survive.  He had a stroke today which left half his body paralyzed, then after sleeping about 15 minutes had a very violent nasty grand mal seizure from which he never regained consciousness.  I took him to a vet to have him euthanized as I did not want to have him wake up again with half his body paralyzed or go through another massive seizer like that, and his breath was becoming increasingly shallow but by the time I got to the vet he was already dead.

Bye Bye Monster and Thank you for the wonderful time we shared.


I tried to upgrade an NFS server to fix sync problems but…

     I tried to upgrade Iglulik’s nfs server to fix a common problem with NFS becoming resynchronized and it broke things worse, the 17.10 version won’t work with NFSv2 needed by Eskimo and some servers I use for user administration.  To make things work Ubuntu has removed 17.04 because it’s past end-of-life so I can’t easily go back.  I’ve got an install disk so I am trying to extract the necessary packages from it but it’s not easy.

    So the long and short is until I get this fixed, the shell server won’t be operational and I won’t be able to credit user accounts.

     My cat has also crashed again and I don’t think he is going to make it this time.  He is basically non-responsive now, I think his central nervous system is pretty much shut down and there isn’t anything left but to put him down.  Great cat, really a drag.

     All in all this weekend has been shit.  I guess it wasn’t so good for Jesus so could be worse I suppose.  At least Jesus resurrected, kind of doubt my cat will.

Next Cloud – New Apps

NextCloud Updates

     I updated NextCloud to version 13.01 and along with that update I also installed a bunch of new applications including a radio app that allows you to listen to a number of different station around the world.

     If you don’t have a NextCloud App on your I-phone or Android device, visit your play store and pick one up.  You can access anything you have stored here if you make it available, as well as many cool apps.

     You can also visit from any web browser at

     The login and password are the same ones you use for e-mail, shell, and ftp access.