Server Reboots Early Saturday Morning

     I will be rebooting servers early Saturday morning, shortly after midnight. The server which houses home directories will be rebooted possibly more than once.

     Most of the servers will be rebooted to load a new kernel.

     The server housing the home directories will also be testing a new microcode package from Ubuntu to see if it has corrected a problem with the 6850k multiplier register.  If the package performs properly there will be only one reboot of that machine, if not a second reboot to back out the new code will be required.


Fedora 28

     The shell server has been upgraded to Fedora 28.  Gnome Flash back and KDE Plasma no longer exist with this distribution so are not available on X2Go, however Mate, LXDE, LXQT, and XFCE still work.


     NextCloud is updated to version 14, tonnes of apps now but the upgrade blew up and I had to do a mostly fresh install.  If you used your system login here, that should work but initially you won’t see your files.  If you created a login then you will need to re-register.  Once you have logged in let me know and I’ll attempt to add your existing files to the database.  If you re-register be sure the login you use is the same as your old login.

Mail Back Up

     On the mail server this morning we were hit with a brute force password guessing attack by a large botnet.  For some unknown reason fail2ban died and then the bots swamped the dovecot imap server to the point of totally wedging it.

     Fail2ban is restarted and has locked out most of the botnet IP addresses so that the mail server is no longer choked and can again function.